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Tank Cleaning Station designed to meet EFTCO certification criteria.

The project was developed together with reputable suppliers of know-how,

technology and technical equipment from leading west european companies.

SQAS and EFTCO assessment pending. Expect more about the results soon. 

Officially open.

Professional Tank Cleaning Station offering: 
• Automated Rotor-Jet System, carrying out preset programs for successful cleaning after transportation of various products
Manual Programming possible for improvement of results and meeting of specific requirements
 • 2 Cleaning Bays with 5 Rotor Jets on each
• Temperature of Operation - cold water (for cooling down); warm water (65˚С); hot water (85-90˚С); steam (150-190˚С
ATEX equipment 
• Steam - for disinfection, preheating and temperature controlled cargo heating
  • Chemical Disinfection 
Tests - pH Test, Turbidity Test, Conductivity Test etc.
• Hot Air Drying 
Cleaning Certificate/ Document
• Seals 
• Kosher Cleaning

Dedicated to:
vehicles with food grade  (road tankers and tank containers) & vehicles carrying foodstuff classified as dangerous,
such as e.g. UN1170, class 3, ADR  - ethanol for beverages and pharmaceutical application

For more information: tankcleaning[at]uven.eu



We are awaiting you:

1, Kap. Lyuben Kondakov St. 
NPZ Iskar - yug
BG-1528 Sofia  

GPS coordinates:

N: 42.649119
E: 23.420296 

Working hours:

Mo. - Fr. 8:00 - 18:00
Outside this working hours and on Saturday - on request!