Corporate Philosophy


The philosophy of UVENTRANS is based on three postulates – QUALITY OF SERVICES, PROFESSIONALISM, HUMANENESS.
These are also the three cornerstones, which have proved over the years that they are a stable foundation for making business.
The concept of human factor as the greatest capital of a contemporary company is the "fuel" of our minds, while we are trying to provoke awareness that we all are co-creators of our mutual future. In a world of globalization interdependences are dicisive factor in development, uniqueness is of more value than it has ever been, and therefore is to be preserved and promoted. Good practices are to be put in the light, to be shared, so their benevolent effect gets multiplied.

For that reason we believe that our employees should develop professionally, work under better conditions and experience their team efforts and success as their own valued contribution. It is important for us that our associates are satisfied with the working atmosphere at UVENTRANS, because we are certain that our attitude towards them influences their professional performance and reflects upon the communication with clients and the overall client service.

We are striving to be always ready to meet the challenges of time and of dynamic business environment.
We know how much persistence is necessary for building trust. We believe that PARTNERSHIP is not a one-way street.
We appreciate the growing requirements of our clients and partners – they keep us on the course of improvment constantly.